Creative-expressive workshop

The creative-expressive workshop aims to facilitate the children to discover, learn and use different techniques and artistic and creative expressive ways, such as manipulative, graphic-pictorial activities, paths on color, shapes, rhythm and symbols.

Some examples. By pouring recyclable materials (liquids, flours, cereals, pasta, etc.), the child acquires skills and competencies necessary for carrying out complex activities such as coordination and sequential activity planning. Then using different painting techniques (wax crayons, watercolors, markers, painting with hands and feet), children can easily and immediately express emotions, moods and perceptual levels of reality. The involvement of the child both in the words / stanzas and in indicating or describing what is illustrated is the basis for creating moments of joint attention with each child. The symbolic game allows them to increase their level of effective relational type, as well as cognitive / communicative; miming songs significantly contributes to the development of oral language and its comprehension and promotes memory and sense of rhythm.