Incarta la solidarietà (Wrap the solidarity) 2018

The project “Incarta la solidarietà” (Wrap the Solidarity) is a fundraising project of Kala Onlus that is developed through volunteering activities. Particularly during Christmas time, inside the established shops, volunteers help by ensuring visibility to the activity of Kala Onlus and wrapping up gifts while asking clients a small donation that will be used for sustaining the activities of the association.

The fundraising activity of this year took place between 6th and 24th December for 16 days.


In 10 points of sale participating in the project, we have gift wrapped over 70.000 gifts and we introduced ourselves to about 20.000 clients and we collected about € 24.968 thanks to the donations of generous people like you.
This has been possible thanks to the support of over 250 volunteers, mainly students coming from 8 schools in Palermo, that have turned this project into a success.


The funds we have raised, that have overcome our expectations, will be used in order to finance the following activities:

– cover the costs of the project: 26,6%;

– improve and strengthen the services of “Il Giardino di Madre Teresa”, to help families in need, to create an educating community: 70,1%;

– raise awareness campaigns: 3,3%.

These are the #incartalasolidarietà numbers!


Thank you to all who (and there are too many of you to thank!) have sustained us and gave a more beautiful Christmas to all the children of Il Giardino di Madre Teresa!

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