This section contains all the Kala Onlus Videos. Enjoy them 🙂

The beating of a butterfly’s wings can cause a hurricane of love in the city of Palermo ❤️
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📝 Fiscale Tax code 97245730821

Screenplay by the students of Liceo Scientifico Benedetto Croce Palermo – classes 3C, 3E, 4F

Videomaker: Mapi Rizzo – Original musics: Simon Albino Francis Cipolla – Production: Alex Brancati

A special thanks to Casa delle farfalle Palermo – Via Vittorio Emanuele, 365 – Palermo

Our videos made during the Christmas period, in December 2018, with all our partners in the Wrap the solidarity project. Enjoy them 🙂

200 volunteers, about 70,000 gifts packed to over 20,000 customers, a fundraiser of € 24,968. These are the numbers of Wrap the present project and the final thanks!

Libreria Dudi

Bottega dei Sapori e dei Saperi Libera Terra

Smart Living


Libreria Sciuti

Katena Toys

Toy’s Sea

Videos presenting the organization activities. Enjoy them 🙂

Video made within the PRO.V.A.C.I. project.

Palermo: Il Giardino di Madre Teresa – Kala Onlus