Our team

Our team is composed by educators and social workers who have been working for many years in their work with children, sustainability managers  and project manager that work in synergy to ensure the constant commitment of the association towards the community. The social training and educational vocation of the operators involved, particularly attentive to the use of intercultural pedagogy and to the issues related to reception, to enhance differences, to integration and social inclusion, are a two key factors within the association.

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Rosita, the President of Kala Onlus, has always been involved helping the others, both as a scout and as a volunteer. In 2009 he decided to take care of young mothers both of foreign origins and of poor families, welcoming their children and providing them with a deep support.

Rosita Marchese

Gabriella Nicolosi

Gabriella Nicolosi is an Italian teacher. She dedicates herself to cultural, social and civil volunteering in his spare time. She too has a weakness for Africa and for children in particular. When she can, she always supports the association with his contagious smile.

Maria Gabriella Nicolosi


With a life spent between the profession of doctor and social and political commitment, Donatella Natoli is one of the protagonists of civil society in Palermo. She has always supported the weaker sections of the population, working in risky neighborhoods such as Brancaccio, Zen, Bonagia, Ballarò. She supports Kala Onlus with hes experience and contagious desire to improve her beautiful Palermo.

Donata Natoli

Io 2

Ale or Alex, an engineer for years engaged in social and in association, is the Sustainability Manager of Kala Onlus and it is his job to find the necessary funds to financially support the activities and projects of the Association.

Alessandro Brancati

Sustainability Manager

Katia, a graduate in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation, has chosen to follow her vocation for the social sector by devoting herself to designing in the Third sector. She deals with the drafting of project proposals at local and European level to improve the quality of the services that Kala Onlus offers in the territory in which it operates.

Katia Sedran

Project designer

Elisabetta is an educator. During the day, she carries out ludic-creative workshops for a group of 12 children between 2 and 4 years old, and at night she designs what do do tomorrow in order to favor the cognitive, linguistic and social development of the baby and to respond adequately to their emotional-affective expectations.

Elisabetta Cascio

Vanessa Romano

Vanessa is the psychomotricist. For her, playing is a serious matter and during her psychomotricity labs, through group play activities, children are facilitated in expressing their potential. A space to grow together made of games, fantasy and experimentation. All this leads to live sensory-motor pleasure, to know how to manage in a positive way their body and emotions and to enter into relationships with adults and classmates.

Vanessa Romano

Daniela Bellavia

Daniela takes care of educating the children of the Garden, from the smallest to the largest, teaching them with great patience both to take care of their body and their personal hygiene, both to eat and keep the spaces in which they live. At his side he can count on a dense array of volunteers who support her and support her with great passion and dedication.

Daniela Grazia Bellavia


Anna is a mother for the children of the Garden of Mother Teresa. Since opening its doors in 2010 takes care of the youngest children from 0 to 3 years old, takes care of them and reassures them when their mothers leave them at the Garden, takes care to make them have lunch, wash them and take care of them just like a mother. But attention, she demands respect and discipline!

Anna Pirelli