Completed projects

Kala Onlus, active since 2010, has become a key point not only for the local foreign communities living in the historic center of Palermo, but also for those who intend to approach volunteering and social commitment. Lately, in order to share commitment with other associations in Ballarò, collaborations and active participation in projects have been launched, and the link with Institutions and Bodies of the third sector has been strengthened. In this section you will find the projects realized by Kala Onlus since 2010.


Project developed in collaboration with Caritas Diocesana of Palermo for the inclusion of female prisoners and former female prisoners within Il Giardino di Madre Teresa.

Oltre le sbarre (Beyond the bars)

Fondazione con il sud

Project funded by “Fondazione con il Sud” in the context of the Voluntary Support Networks 2011 Call, aimed at strengthening a network of organizations working with children, in particular with those of foreign origin. The project was realized with the associations Handala, Santa Chiara, Per Esempio, Casa di tutte le Genti.

Attraverso lo specchio (through the mirror)


The project Adilah - Self Efficacy Paths for young mothers - funded by the Fondazione con il Sud, aimed at strengthening a network of organizations working with children, in particular with that of foreign origin, provides for the creation of a psychological support desk and parenting support for women. The project was realized with the associations Handala, Santa Chiara, Per Esempio, Casa di tutte le Genti, Zen insieme, Ciaula scopre la luna.


Regione Siciliana Assessorato famiglia e pilitiche sociali

The Integriamoci project, financed by the “Nuove povertà: Azioni urgenti di contrasto alle vecchie e nuove povertà a sostegno delle fasce deboli nonché delle popolazioni immigrate” of the Regional Department of the Family and of Social and Labor Policies, is aimed at implementing “Interventions on new forms of poverty and immigration” through distribution of goods and vouchers for basic services for immigrant women with children between the ages of 0 and 6.

Integriamoci (Let's integrate)

Social Business Challenge

The Social Business Challenge project is the result of a collaboration with the AIESEC Student Association, based in Palermo, and aims at the reception of Il Giardino di Madre Teresa of young people, coming from Europe, Asia, America and Oceania, between the ages of 18 and 30, for 6 weeks, to perform a voluntary service. The project has been ongoing for 3 years.

Social Business Challenge

Università di Palermo

The project “Produrre Sociale per Fare comunità” was born thanks to an ATS between the City of Palermo and the University of Palermo and provides for the inclusion of 2 students in Il Giardino di Madre Teresa playroom to carry out a work experience in the childhood.

Produrre sociale per fare comunità (Social productions to create community)

Fa la cosa giusta

Kala Onlus participates in Fa’ la cosa giusta, the biggest and most recognized event on a national level organized by “Insieme nelle Terre di Mezzo Onlus”. It is the fair of critical consumption and sustainable lifestyles and its first edition is dated back to 2004 and since then it has grown every year by number of visitors, exhibitors and media interest.

Fa' la cosa giusta (do the right thing)

Procter and gamble

The project “Racconti nel Giardin”o was carried out in partnership with the Association Gefyra Onlus in support of parenting, users of Il Giardino di Madre Teresa and was funded by Procter & Gamble - DASH project.

Racconti nel giardino (Tales in the garden)

Mission Bambini

The project “Kala, uno spazio per accogliere ed integrare”, was born thanks to the ATS with the Associazione Apriti Cuore di Palermo, as part of the Project call for a nest for each child. It was funded by the ``Aiutare i Bambini`` Foundation in Milan and ``Fondazione con il Sud`` and aims at the integration of foreign children inside Il Giardino di Madre Teresa.

Kala, uno spazio per accogliere e integrare (Kala, a space to welcome and integrate)


The RE.LA.R. - Rete dei servizi per la prevenzione del lavoro sommerso (Network of services for the prevention of undeclared work) - financed by the P.O.N. - F.S.E 2007-2013 ``Governance and system actions``, was carried out in collaboration with Italia Lavoro S.P.A. and the Solaris Association. The project envisaged a training internship and thanks to this project an immigrant from the Ivory Coast was integrated into the world of work.