We would like to collaborate with your company to bring practical help to Kala Onlus and to the children and families of Il Giardino di Madre Teresa. In return you can have tax breaks and a return of image of your business reality.

Below there are our various proposals to your company.

If there is an activity that interests you, please contact us by email to [email protected] or at # 329 7263556 (Alex), for more details.



Our proposal to collaborate together


Volunteering employees

Do you want to donate a huge gift to your company’s employees? Involve them in Kala Onlus activities such as:

– volunteers at Il Giardino di Madre Teresa, fielding their skills in interacting with children

– volunteers at Kala Onlus using their skills and competences in organizing and manage the Association

-volunteers that creatively develop ideas and new projects to submit to new and old stakeholders, foundations, institutions, etc.

– fundraiser, or fundraising volunteers to support the activities of Kala Onlus



The co-marketing (cooperative marketing) activity takes place between two or more different stakeholders (natural persons, institutions, companies, etc.) that collaborate for a joint marketing investment that concerns one or more variables of marketing.

The co-marketing activity we offer to your company is based on the identification of market strategies in order to improve your company’s reference market, improving communication to acquire new customers and strengthen existing customers basing the strategy on social commitment of your organization.


Cause-related Marketing

The cause-related marketing, or more simply CRM, is an instrument of corporate social responsibility . The promotion of a product, a service or the image of your company is combined by a concrete action that your company will implement along with Kala Onlus, stimulating customers on their preferences by buying your product or service.

The advantages for your company are numerous:

– image improvement

– greater visibility

– greater competitiveness

– greater motivation of employees


Joint Fundraising

Do you have a small non-profit reality or a non-profit organization? Let’s team up!

The joint fundraising is a fundraising initiative that takes place between two or more organizations like yours and Kala Onlus in which costs and revenues are divided. Our team is ready to work with creativity and dedication to bring out ideas and new approaches to fundraising. And is your organization ready?


Nearby adoption with payroll giving

The payroll giving is a fundraising tool that consists in donating directly from the paycheck of your employees a small part of their monthly hours by adopting the children and families of Kala Onlus and Il Giardino di Madre Teresa. These hours can be very small, one or two a month, which do not affect the salary, but that can make the difference to Kala Onlus. Your employees will receive regular reports on how the donations are committed and, on the activities, carried out with the help of your company. In this way your employees will receive as, a result of their donations, a tangible proof of the help provided to Kala Onlus.




Conversion of points and initiative for increasing customer fidelity

Does your company have a fidelity card for the most loyal customers? Add one or more social initiatives to the list of prizes, to support a Kala Onlus activity or project. What are you waiting for?



During an event, sponsorships are a tool to connect the name of your company to Kala Onlus, improving the image of your company and increasing its visibility.


Donate your products

You can now donate stocks that are superfluous in favor of Kala Onlus projects and activities. This type of donations are the best way to reduce taxes.


Single donation

Do you want to help Kala Onlus and Il Giardino di Madre Teresa so you scanned through all the possible activities proposed but you did not find one suitable for your company? Do not worry, you can always adopt the simplest tool, a single donation. How? Just click here.