Support for families

In order to create an educating community, our attention is particularly focused on the needs of the families in the neighborhoods where the association operates in. We believe that the family is the first essential cell of human society and we must work together in order to develop it further.


Through branches to support parenting, we take deep interest in issues related to health, education and development of the child, maternity and legal and tax services offered by the territory. The counter wants to be a place of listening, discussion and sharing about doubts, curiosities, proposals, questions, about the responsibilities of a parent, but also a real space in which to build an alliance between parents and the neighborhoods.


Furthermore, parents’ and children’s workshops are set up to provide parents and children with a space to improve the quality of their relationship and share experiences. The laboratories aim to stimulate the participation and activation of parents who feel the need to have more “technical” support to raise their children.


Also important is the logistic support that is provided to families through the distribution of groceries, basic necessities and clothing thanks to the child food counter.