Donate clothes, toys, basic necessities

Kala Onlus is a point of reference not only for the families of the little ones who attend the Garden of Mother Teresa, but also for the entire Ballarò.

At the moment we take care of about 60 families, which means about 300 people between adults and children.

All this is possible thanks to the generosity of many people who reach us at the kindergarten; bringing food, basic necessities, clothes, toys, hygiene products and much more.


If you also want to help the families of Ballarò and the historic center, we are waiting for you in Piazza dell’Origlione. Please contact us at 388 1149057 (Rosita) one day before your arrival to ensure the planning of your visit. You will be welcomed by an operator of Kala Onlus who will also be happy to take you to visit the structure and our children!

Here below a simplified list of what our kids and their families need.


Change products

– Diapers measures (3-4-5-6)

– Baby soaked wipes

– Protective paste (for diaper change)

– Detergent (for diaper change)

– Single use change sheets

– Underwear (body, panties, tank tops: 6 months – 3 years)

– Clothes (T-shirts, tank tops, pants, suits: from 6 months to 3 years)


Products for sleeping

– Sheets and pillowcases for

– Disposable sleepers for beds

– Food products (baby food)

– Baby food set (saucers, cutlery, glasses)

– Baby bottles and teats

– Bibs (single use)



– Headband dresses 0-6
– Headband 6-14 for little siblings
– Maternity dress
– Women’s clothes for our mothers

Please note that we do not take clothes for men.


Products for activities

– Washable finger tempera

– Tempera

– Crayons

– Washable felt pens

– Glitter different colors
– Buttons

– Cork corks
– Sandpaper sheet
– Felt
– Wire
– Colored cards
– Colored paper sheets
– Colored ribbons



– Lightweight strollers and trio (egg, shuttle, stroller)
– Pre-school books band 0-6
– Floor mats
– Bicycles and tricycles
– Appliances such as gas cookers, refrigerators (to be arranged by phone calls)

It is thanks to generous people like you that Kala Onlus exists and we succeed every day to welcome the children inside Il Giardino di Madre Teresa!