The name of the Association is imbued with values ​​such as peace, solidarity, social justice and protection of human rights. Kala, from the book of Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs, is the gorillas’ mother who finds the little man and welcomes him in his world with love and respecting its peculiarities.


Peace and solidarity are the sign of an open, welcoming and cooperative society, and for this reason they are two essential values ​​for the development of the associative life. Where there is peace there is the development of knowledge, the arts, solidarity, there is the protection of diversity intended as an advantage to develop the personal and spiritual growth of each individual. The rainbow itself, a marvel of nature, is formed thanks to the presence of many colors!


Kala Onlus protects, by its natural inclination, the community of the Ballarò/Albergheria district and, in general, the communities that are most in need and at risk of marginalization, and in particular the youngest, who are more exposed to risks related to inclusion in cultural environments. The Association provides tools to accommodate their personal inclinations and abilities, and means to be able to enhance the cultural level and improve their future daily life skills and professional capabilities.

For this reason, Kala Onlus urges the training of its operators and volunteers to provide an approach in line with the maieutic method. But the training of children is not only the responsibility of the Association, but also of the parents, who are also included in a continuous training process through laboratories and the networking of skills and knowledge from various cultures. The idea is to realize the creation of an educating community that participates at various times of the day in training the child.