The Vision that guides Kala Onlus is based on sharing. In Kala Onlus we imagine a world that is more tailor-made for children, in which every child grows up, is educated and welcomed in familiar spaces, by an educating community made up of operators, educators, psychologists and volunteers alongside their parents in respect of their potential and attitudes, of their culture of origin and their talents.

Kala Onlus wants to become a reference point for non-formal education, and to be a node of a network of associations and institutions, which can coordinate their actions in order to improve the quality of life of children and their families, provide support to parents in reconciling work and family time, helping needy families by providing what they most need.

In Kala Onlus we draw inspiration from the maieutic pedagogy, the educational methods aimed at enhancing the skills and abilities of the child, and experimenting with new skills through interaction in a group context with other peers and the educating community, through shared experiential processes.

In our vision we imagine to increase and improve the existing services (playroom, canteen, distribution of basic necessities) and to add new onesaddressed to a more adolescent public, such as after-school, musical and artistic workshops, counters counseling and psychological counseling for families, as well as summer recreational spaces, strengthening the volunteering network, and creating the conditions for continuous training for operators and educators.

We hope, with what we do, to create a unique reality, in which children are welcomed and raised with kindness and with respect to their personal inclinations, parents can be helped in the reconciliation of work and family time, and more families in need can have a strong reference point to improve their quality of life.