InterAction (en)

The project “InterAction. Increasing skills to combat early age school abandonment” has been financed by Impresa sociale Con i Bambini and is aimed at increasing the skills of partner organizations to combat the phenomenon of early age school abandonment of adolescents between 11 and 17 years old in particular due to situations of social marginality.


The general objective is to promote the overall well-being of a person in the long-term, through interventions aimed at combating the phenomenon of early age school abandonment with the involvement of the entire educating community that is already taking part in the planning stage. Our aim is to:

– fostering the students in the acquisition of skills and knowledge aimed at scholastic success and expansion in the labor market;

– facilitate the access of families to the educational and non-formal learning opportunities of the territory;

– encourage the teachers of primary and secondary schools to acquire knowledge and skills for the management of the pupils with Special Educational Needs and Specific Learning Disabilities and the reference class group;

– involve all beneficiaries in the active construction of the educating community with the welfare community approach.

The activity carried out by Kala Onlus consists of organizing/reorganizing the middle school libraries, partners of the project, making them places of social activities, sharing and integration of different knowledge. In addition to the classic functions, the Library will develop the functions of a Living Library allowing real meetings of girls and boys with people towards whom there is a form of prejudice in the city, to understand what is happening in the world and what it means to be deeply welcoming and not racist. The library will serve as a place for books and reading, a meeting point for pupils and families, for events with writers, poets, scientists and artists, but also for fun events. The library as a place of universal culture, can become a structure to learn from and re-elaborate places of life in relation to the city and the neighborhoods. With the aim of learning and exchange of information, the activities of the libraries will cross and integrate with the activities proposed by the other partner associations, planning strands of activities together.