Incarta la solidarietà (Wrap the solidarity)

What is the “Incarta la solidarietà” project


The project “Incarta la solidarietà” (Wrap the solidarity) is a fundraising project of Kala Onlus that is developed through volunteering activities. Particularly, during Christmas time, inside the established shops, volunteers help giving visibility to the activity of Kala Onlus and wrapping up gifts while asking clients for a small donation that will be used for sustaining the activities of the association. This year the fundraising campaign will take place between 5th and 24th December.


School-work alternation


The proposed school-work alternation project intends not only to overcome the idea of ​​disconnection between training and operational activities, but it has the most incisive goal of increasing the motivation to study and to guide young people in the discovery of personal vocations, of interests and individual learning styles, enriching school education with the acquisition of skills acquired “in the field”. This condition guarantees a competitive advantage over those who limit their training to the theoretical context, offering new stimuli to learning and added value to the training of the person.

Precisely for this reason, last year around 200 students from 9 schools in the Municipality of Palermo joined the project last year, of which over half through the signing of 4 agreements with as many schools. The students of the other 5 schools have chosen our project to acquire educational credits with extra-curricular voluntary activities in accordance with their course of study and the teaching staff.


For more information click contact us at the email address [email protected] or call us at +39 329 7263556 (Alex)


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Attar Natura

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La Profumoteca

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Libreria Sciuti


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Giocheria Meti s.n.c.


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Sanitaria Baby


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Bakery for Pets

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